Thursday, October 27, 2011

When Swamy had much respect for Sonia Gandhi

Excerpts from an interview with Swamy dating back to June 2000

Q.Do you meet her?
A.Yes. I am in regular touch. The last I met her was on May 20.

Q.Your rapport has been re-established?
A.The Indian Express people may write anything. But I have the best of relations with her. I have respect for her. She stood by me. I will not tell you anything beyond this. The only thing I can tell you is I told her that what she did in 1999 was wrong.

Whom do you think Swamy was referring to? Not Jayalalitha but Sonia Gandhi.

Do you know anything about the wrong done by her in 1999?In swamy's words "Her betrayal of the opposition cause of forming a secular alternative government in 1999 is known to all". ( )

Ah!Swamy wanted to dislodge communal government led by Vajpayee and was pissed off at his failure. He must have dreamt of becoming the FM (or even the PM) of 'secular alternative government'

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